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NRG cleanse

NRG cleanse

NRG cleanseNRG cleanseNRG cleanse

"Natural, Renewal, and Growth" 

VISION:  Creation of a World where Success in Life is available to All.

MISSION:  To assist others to Heal their Energy Fields, in their Personal and Business lives with the Vision to create a Footprint on the World they live in.


Find Balance in the Midst of Stress and Mental Disruption

Struggling to Sleep due to Stress and other Mental Disruptions?  Let me help you.  I am a qualified Reiki Master who works with Distant Reiki and also provides assistance by way of doing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  Learn about the reduction of Stress - known to assist Sleep and Focus.


It is acknowledged that Reiki, EFT, Forensic Healing and Aroma Treatments are Stress Management skills and are administered for that purpose.

Complementary Therapists  do not diagnose illnesses.